An Insider's Guide to Manchester

The first ever printed guide to New Hampshire's Queen City.

Whether you're a lifelong resident, recently moved to town, or are just passing through, this streetwise guide is your key to unlocking Manchester.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter. Published December 2016. Limited number copies of available for purchase.


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"An Insider’s Guide to Manchester" is organized geographically by neighborhood to encourage immersive exploration of the city. The book begins with a chapter on the Millyard, then proceeds outward from the Merrimack River. Each of the seven neighborhood chapters, plus an additional one covering Manchester’s suburbs, is broken down into the following sections aimed at helping readers identify both the more traditional and well-known aspects of each neighborhood, as well as more hidden, obscure, or otherwise off-beat finds known only to long-time residents

A short overview of each of the city's neighborhood is provided, including its history and other highlights that make the area interesting. Also included is a full-day itinerary for each neighborhood, from breakfast to nightcap, with plenty of culture, recreation, shopping, and local quirk in between.
Cultural Attractions
From the obscure to the regionally-renowned, this section highlights the museums, galleries, and spots of historical importance in each neighborhood that showcase the city’s cultural diversity.
Eat & Drink
The restaurants, bars, diners, bakeries, food counters, cafes, and coffee shops that comprise each neighborhood’s most interesting culinary offerings are featured in this section.
Entertainment & Recreation
Sharing how Mancunians have fun, this section describes each neighborhood's recreational offerings, from parks and trails to professional sports teams, climbing gyms, and gun ranges.
A city is more than its cultural attractions, dining establishments, and entertainment venues. This section shares each neighborhood's local and independent retail business establishments of interest to both visitors and residents.
Points of Interest
This category contains each neighborhood's minor attractions that are worth a few moments of your time, but not a long stop. Think statues and other works of public art, ghost signs, past homes of Manchester celebrities, miscellaneous graves, and other curiosities.
This section highlights many of the city's popular weekly, monthly, annual events — everything from parades, festivals, and conventions to poetry slams, art exhibits, and concert series.

The Reviews

Gen. John Stark

Spectacular. After reading "An Insider's Guide to Manchester" I wish I could be alive today to see how awesome Derryfield, er, Manchester has become since Revolutionary times. Live Free or Die!

Grace Metalious

A tour de force! "Peyton Place" has nothing on "An Insider's Guide to Manchester."

Commodore Nutt

Worth every cent. This is a great little book, believe you me.

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About The Author

Will Stewart

Will Stewart moved to the Queen City sight unseen in 2004 to take a job as a reporter at The Hippo, a job which gave him a crash course in all things Manchester and began his fascination with, and love of, the Queen City. This love continued in his subsequent roles as a community organizer with NeighborWorks Southern New Hampshire and as Vice President of Economic Development & Advocacy at the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.

In his spare time, Will serves as co-chair of Bike Manchester, a local bicycle advocacy group, as well as captain of the Oak Park Neighborhood Watch, a Manchester Transit Authority commissioner, and a Friends of Wagner Park board member.

Will lives with his wife and son in the city's Oak Park neighborhood.


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